Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage equipment

SERVPRO Equipment Ready for War

This was a home with massive water damage due to a roof top leak. What you see here is just our tools ready to dry up the place. The Dehumidifier, and the small Turbo Dryers to finish up the drying process into perfection.


Different Types of Dehumidifiers

These are all the different types of dehumidifiers that we use here in SERVPRO of Hamilton, South Trenton. The sizes are used depending of the cubic feet of the location we are working on at the time. 

water damaged ceiling

Water Damage

Water damage can spread quickly all over a house ruining ceilings and floors (like in the picture above). Water can damage a home to the point of flooding and creating mold, if not handled fast. In this picture you can see how bad things can get; we were just glad to be able to help.

water extractor and water damage

The Water Extractor

In the picture above you can see a damaged rug due to water in a N.J. home. After we figure out if this rug can be saved or not, we decide which SERVPRO machine we will use to go forward. In this scenario we went with our water extractor; which sucks out just enough water for us to simply remove the damaged rug, and move towards the remediation process.

wet floor before and after

When Water Seeps Through

What you see here is the effects of water damage, that seeps through wooden floors. This can't be dried out by simply mopping because its coming from the inside. If left untreated, the customer would have to get new floor tiles and replace the walls in the home. In this situation we managed to fix this dilemma for our satisfied customer. 

Water Sewage Damage

Water Sewage Damage

What you see here is how bad water damage can affect a home. In this picture you see fecal matter in a customer's bathroom floor. We got there and used our SERVPRO equipment to disinfect the air, fix the leak, and our antimicrobial disinfectants to clean the area.